Sheet music

Some of Penny’s most popular products are her compositions and arrangements. She composes primarily for keyboard instruments (organ, electronic keyboard and piano) but also for voice, accordion, recorder and guitar. She likes particularly to write music which is readily playable and tuneful, and to arrange works which are popular from the classical repertoire. She is thrilled to receive regular feedback from purchasers who are really enjoying her pieces, and especially teachers who report that their pupils are having fun with her tunes.

She started writing music in her teens, and now her works are published in a variety of places:

  • in London College of Music grade exam books
  • in the Yamaha Club Magazine
  • in Sceptre Promotion’s OKC Magazine
  • by PenTone Music
  • and now, on Score Exchange! Click here to see the selection uploaded so far.

They have received performances in a variety of ways, too:

  • on BBC radio
  • as recital works used by pipe organists
  • as vocal works, both solo at events such as The Bath Festival and Giggleswick Festival
  • and chorally by various choirs around the UK
  • in folk venues
  • and as soundtracks for films

Coming soon are a few excerpts of her works to give you a taster. To hear more, and to download scores for your own enjoyment, click on this link for Score Exchange.