A Keyboard at Your Fingertips Programme 2

A Keyboard at Your Fingertips Programme 2 cover

This is the programme where you put your hands on the keys and start to play well-known tunes. Penny and Tony talk you through each individual step - hand position, fingering, finding the starting note, setting up the sound, how to pick out tunes by ear - and remember them, adding chords, the lot. By the end of this programme you will have covered Dvorak's Largo (the 'Hovis' tune), Jingle Bells, The White Rose of Athens, Ode to Joy and Now the Day is Over. The beauty of the format is that you can repeat each section as many times as you like, just like having a friendly teacher by your side whenever you want them.

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PenTone Music

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1 Contents of this programme 1:37 Audio icon Contents of this programme
2 Getting started 4:26 Audio icon Getting started
3 Finding Middle C 3:10 Audio icon Finding Middle C
4 Fingers on keys 4:26 Audio icon Fingers on keys
5 Listen and copy: Dvorak's Largo 5:34 Audio icon Listen and copy: Dvorak's Largo
6 Getting the right sound 3:01 Audio icon Getting the right sound
7 Playing by ear 7:02 Audio icon Playing by ear
8 Playing by 'shape': Jingle Bells 5:42 Audio icon Playing by 'shape': Jingle Bells
9 Using left hand 4:36 Audio icon Using left hand
10 Adding chords 5:08 Audio icon Adding chords
11 Putting hands together 4:21 Audio icon Putting hands together
12 Largo with both hands 4:39 Audio icon Largo with both hands
13 Practising Largo 2:21 Audio icon Practising Largo
14 Practising Jingle Bells 3:04 Audio icon Practising Jingle Bells
15 Practising White Rose of Athens 2:47 Audio icon Practising White Rose of Athens
16 Practising Ode to Joy 1:57 Audio icon Practising Ode to Joy
17 Practising Now the Day is Over 3:15 Audio icon Practising Now the Day is Over