A Keyboard at Your Fingertips Programme 1

A Keyboard at Your Fingertips Programme 1 cover

This first programme is somewhere between a brochure and a user's manual. You can either listen to this part first, or dip back into it as you need, to find out more about your keyboard. 

Before you learn to play a keyboard, you need to choose a keyboard. If you have a visual impairment, this can be a tricky process. In this programme, Penny and Tony tell you all you need to know about shopping for the right keyboard, and what all the buttons will do on your chosen instrument. They make clear the meaning of the technical terms such as touch response and sustain. They discuss accessories, clubs, festivals, holidays, websites and social opportunities for keyboard players. Also available on this website are Programmes 2, 3, 4 and 5 which teach you in an enjoyable and relaxed manner how to play well-known pieces by ear and by touch, using both hands and all the facilities on your keyboard. A door way to a lot of fun!

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PenTone Music

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1 Contents of this programme 1:40 Audio icon Contents of this programme
2 Choosing a keyboard 4:03 Audio icon Choosing a keyboard
3 Essential features 3:45 Audio icon Essential features
4 The controls 2:53 Audio icon The controls
5 Accessories 2:08 Audio icon Accessories
6 An orchestra at your fingertips! 5:00 Audio icon An orchestra at your fingertips!
7 Turning on, and changing sounds 5:53 Audio icon Turning on, and changing sounds
8 Auto accompaniment 4:00 Audio icon Auto accompaniment
9 The rhythm unit 8:54 Audio icon The rhythm unit
10 Touch response 1:16 Audio icon Touch response
11 Dual voice 1:14 Audio icon Dual voice
12 Harmony 1:41 Audio icon Harmony
13 Sustain 0:43 Audio icon Sustain
14 Reverb and echo 1:14 Audio icon Reverb and echo
15 The other buttons 3:16 Audio icon The other buttons
16 One touch setting 2:59 Audio icon One touch setting
17 Registration memory 2:39 Audio icon Registration memory
18 Data storage and recording 1:28 Audio icon Data storage and recording
19 The social scene 1:53 Audio icon The social scene