A Conducted Tour of Vienna

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"A captivating selection of pieces. I can honestly say that I have never heard such orchestral reality. This recording stands alone in the field of Viennese orchestral interpretation" (Joan Dovenor, Keyboard Player Magazine)

in January 2004, Basildon Keyboard Club staged a re-creation of the Vienna New Year concert, complete with flowers and evening dress. Penny (and her Yamaha EL900m) replaced the orchestra. From that moment, she was hooked on Viennese music. This album features the famous Viennese composers Johann Strauss, Haydn and Schubert, and pieces that are essentially Viennese. At the Dance was composed by Penny's great uncle, Robert Louis Revel, a celebrated pianist, composer and conductor in the Europe of his day, and Living Dream Waltz is Penny's own composition.

Cover picture: Der Hoffball by Wilhelm Gause. Copyright Vienna Museum.


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PenTone Music

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Title Sample audio
1 Annen Polka, Strauss (PenTone)
2 Serenade, Haydn (PenTone)
3 Czardas, Monti (PenTone)
4 To the Moon, Schubert (PenTone)
5 Thunder and Lightning Polka, Strauss (PenTone)
6 At the Dance, Revel (PenTone)
7 Pizzicato Polka, Strauss (PenTone)
8 Bonne Bouche Polka, Waldteufel (PenTone)
9 Living Dream Waltz, Weedon (PenTone Music)
10 Vienna for Aye, Schrammel (Paxton Music)
11 Vienna Life, Strauss (PenTone)
12 Lehar Selection, Lehar (PenTone)
13 The Emperor Waltz, Strauss (PenTone)