Weedon’s Wanderings: 4th May 2020

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Today’s uploaded track comes originally from my album ‘A Conducted Tour of England’ and is a delightful melody from the pen of John Rutter. He took the words of All things bright and beautiful which was so popular with youngsters when I was, well, a youngster. I often resent new tunes to well-loved old words, but not this time. But then, as far as I’m concerned, John Rutter can do no wrong! I hope you feel the same, and that you’ll enjoy the tune and colourful video when you click here

Weedon’s Wanderings: 3rd May 2020

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I’ve got completely into the grip of my video-editing programme. It might be argued I’m enjoying it too much, if my latest offering is anything to go by! Having received a request to upload my version of ‘Do the Hustle’ to YouTube, I set about producing a video to go with it which would reproduce the excitement of disco lighting. So, before you watch, have a pair of sunglasses handy.

Do the Hustle is Van McCoy’s one big hit, but I reckon it’s the best disco track ever produced. Whether you feel like some cheery music or you’re planning a workout, click here and see if you can keep your feet still. I know I can’t!

Weedon’s wanderings: 29th April 2020

A short stroll from our house


First and foremost, I sincerely hope this finds you well. When last I wrote, the havoc that a virus could cause was news from across the other side of the globe. Since it landed on our soil, how life has changed!

It really shifts one’s priorities, doesn’t it? I must admit being in lockdown causes me no problems at all. My siblings, being older than me, had left for university before I first set foot in school. We lived in the countryside, so I grew up in a solitary sort of way, enjoying our acre of wild woods and weeds. I guess that’s why I now feel entirely at home in our Forest abode. We’re fortunate that we can open our front door and walk for miles without encountering more than one or two souls. We regularly bike 5 or 6 miles without seeing traffic too. I decided to let this bucolic peace take me over for a few weeks and see where I ended up.

Well, I’ve ended up with Music for Good - as opposed to music for money. Where’s the point in slogging away on a business venture when  something like this can wipe it out in weeks? Much better to just make my catalogue of recordings and compositions freely available, and earn pleasure from knowing they’re out there and hopefully being enjoyed. I also have some ideas for on-line tuition which will be fun to develop without the constraints of deadlines and break-evens.

This won’t be a quick job, but I shall steadily put my recorded tracks up on YouTube with suitable videos. I have a few charities that I’m very keen on, so if anyone feels moved to make a little donation to any of them once in a while, that will be great. I’m aiming to upload selections which are suitable for sending you off to sleep. And selections which set the feet tapping and are maybe useful for exercising too.

My printed music will be available, free of charge, on the web too. I’ve already written lots of pieces for exam boards and magazines. I’ve also been heavily involved in writing ballads, folk songs and worship songs which you may like to try. All, I hope, Music for Good - good health, good causes and good spirits.

As a taster, I’ve made my recording of Moonlight Sonata available on YouTube. Click here to view it. And I’d be really pleased to hear from you with your reactions to my offerings. I want to make this music which you’ll enjoy - for good!