Weedon's Wanderings: 24th April 2018

Box of tissues


We've just left the lovely crowd of music lovers who are enjoying a week of camaraderie and melody at Seacroft Festival, run by Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade magazine.  For me, it was a tearful farewell as our plans have altered quite suddenly in this past fortnight, and we won't be returning there in future. Why? Well, Tony and I clock up 143 years in age this year and, although we are both very fit and motivated in most respects we both have our weak spots.  Mine is that I can no longer lift anything and I can also be floored quite suddenly by allergies. And Tony's Achilles heel is that, after 38 years of well controlled diabetes, his sugars have recently gone crazy. A chap who could be 'glowing in the dark' one moment but out cold with a hypo the next shouldn't be driving hundreds of miles and lugging gear about. 

So we have had to withdraw from those activities which make up concert touring. Everyone has been so kind and understanding, including those people who had booked me, my fellow artists who are standing in at short notice and the dear folk who make up my audiences.  I'm going to miss seeing you all very much.
But you know the old saying: a bad Penny keeps turning up. As that particular door shuts, and we return to the Forest of Dean to 'mend' dear Tony, another set of doors is flying open in my mind. 

I've wanted for ages to produce more materials for learning about music, under the heading 'The Weedon Way'. I already have in mind items about composing and playing by ear, and I welcome other suggestions. I hope to find some way of uploading snippets to YouTube despite our lack of broadband. I also look forward to doing lots more composing and arranging and uploading the results for sharing. 

So, despite my recent tears, I'm now smiling again and excited about how we can continue our relationship over the ether. Watch this space!