Weedon's Wanderings: 18th May 2018.

Warsaw Radio mast, courtesy of Wikipedia


We've been exploring all the various methods for connecting to the Internet from our forest home.  I had hoped by now to be able to upload my blog by a method which, if not fast and furious, was at least more moderate in megabytes than our current 0.3.  We have trialled two supposedly foolproof mobile internet systems since I last wrote. One was fabulous - as long as we drove to the M5 near Gloucester, where we scored a blistering 40+.  But there had to be a better way. So they sent us the all singing and dancing Superfast home model - which managed ... 0.3. 

" But you're only 0.7 kilometres from the mast," the tech guy marvelled.  "You should be getting terrific speeds."

"Yep, but you haven't seen the hill in between," I suggested.  He got out his contour map.

"Oh, crumbs. I see what you mean. More of a mountain actually..."

So the next (and presumably final) episode in this saga is that a man with a ladder and very tall antenna will call on us and put it up on our house.  Will it be so tall that it peeps above the prow of the 'more of a mountain', I wonder? 

You may wonder how I'm sending you this.  Well, if you live next to the M5 at Gloucester, take a peep out of your window.  You'll see Tony ferrying me up and down while I beaver away in the passenger seat on the tiny screen of my iPhone 5s...