Weedon Weekly: 9th October 2017

Dream image

I recently swapped emails with regular Weedon Weekly reader Terry. He feels that a lot of performers would do well to reflect on the music they are playing. As Terry says, when one looks round a concert hall these days, most of us in the audience are sporting more than the odd grey hair. But Terry believes a lot of performers (organists in particular) believe their listeners were teenagers during the 1930s and 40s, if their programmes are anything to go by. I certainly hear many renditions of Glenn Miller and a fair smattering of wartime songs. 
Terry set the members of his local organ society audience the challenge of putting together their 'dream' concert programmes. Once they were handed in, he analysed the answers. It turned out that the majority of their favourites dated from the 1960s and 70s, with a few from the 1950s. Certainly Glenn Miller and wartime songs barely featured at all - it was much more Beatles and rock 'n roll!
So I'd like to take a leaf out of Terry's book and ask you to email me your 10 or so favourite songs or pieces. if you feel it wouldn't be an intrusion, you can also indicate which decade spanned your teens and 20s as well - I promise I won't publish your personal details! I would be particularly interested in any very modern favourites you have. There must still be the odd 'good tune' being composed?
To set the ball rolling, my dream programme would feature some Stylistics, Tavares, Barry White, Bee Gees, Carpenters, Streisand and a few meaty classical numbers by Rachmaninov, Sibelius and Tchaikowsky. Now over to you...