Weedon’s Wanderings 8th April 2019

Morris Men


We just happened upon a fascinating documentary about Morris Dancers on BBC iPlayer this week. You can view it here. Who would have thought such turmoil raged behind this gentle rural art-form?

This programme took me back to 1984, when I was loitering aimlessly in Bristol Docks and caught sight of some Morris Men practising their traditional dances.  I sidled a little closer: too close. The next thing I knew, I was pulled into the middle of the group where a smiling chap in a smock and battered hat hit me jovially on the head with a pig’s bladder. Ah, the shenanigans of youth!

You may well be wondering what this has to do with the price of onions. To bring it firmly back to music, I was so impressed by my Bristol experience that I wrote a piece about it (entitled Morris Dance - what else?). 35 years later, I have finally published it on Score Exchange. It marks the start of a new chapter for me, having retired from touring. I aim to type-set my fairly vast portfolio of compositions and arrangements, and offer them as downloadable sheet music. Morris Dance is now available for keyboard, organ, folk ensemble, piano solo and piano duet, each with an accompanying MP3 to listen to. Please feel free to pop along and have a look here, click on the audio file player just above the music, and let me know what you think.