Weedon’s Wanderings: 20th June 2018

SS Hope


If, like me, you’re a fan of the film Clockwise then you’ll be familiar with this scene: John Cleese playing Mr Stimpson (a state school head) is on his way to be honoured as chair of the (otherwise public school) Headmasters’ Conference; but everything goes wrong, hilariously, despite his meticulous planning and rigid adherence to the clock; now he is sitting by a country roadside, dressed only in a monk’s habit, being comforted by one of his truanting sixth formers, and he says “It’s not the despair, Laura - I can cope with despair. No, it’s the hope...!”

I’ve decided to make that my motto. 

We received our new data SIM card, installed it in the mobile phone and drove up to the mast on the hill, equipped with phone, laptop and mouse, and Bucket Loads of Hope, all crammed into our tiny Smart car. Tony held the laptop at a crazy angle while I attempted to connect it to EE via my phone. A mouse doesn’t work too well on just your knee, and the laptop screen was invisible in the bright light. But in the end we got there - we uploaded a short test video I’d made, downloaded what turned out to be thousands of emails that had waited patiently for this moment, punched the air and drove home.

Hope burnt brightly for a while, until my email buddie replied that my test message arrived, but without the video attachment. And from that moment on, nowt...

In the old days I’d have gone to Lydney NatWest with my laptop and stood in the (always huge) queue, nonchalantly uploading my work via their strangely open internet. But they shut the bank permanently this month, so even that avenue is now a cul de sac. 

I could despair and just give up the unequal fight of trying to connect to the 21st century in the Forest of Dean. But I find it impossible to admit defeat. You see, it’s the hope...