January 2020

Weedon’s Wanderings: 10th January 2020



Every two months I have to put my thinking cap on. Why? Because it’s time to write something for Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade magazine, or The Yamaha Club magazine. Occasionally, as today, I’m writing for both at the same time. And both mags ask me to arrange a piece of well-loved music as part of my article.

That shouldn’t be a problem, as the world is awash with great tunes. But then I have to consider copyright. If I use a piece which is too recent (in other words, its composer and lyricist are still alive or died less than 70 years ago), then the magazine has to pay royalties. This is only fair to the creators, of course, but the fees can be swingeing. I once wrote to the Beatles’ publishers to ask if I could use one of their songs in a teaching article and...

Weedon’s Wanderings: 6th January 2020

Maybe you, like me, are a bit of Viennese music fan? I always enjoy the New Year concert, and this year we also had a fix of Andre Rieu when his “70 Years Young” movie was shown at our local cinema two days ago. So I was more than a little chuffed to learn today that my album, A Conducted Tour of Vienna has just appeared on Amazon Music for immediate download. This is also a very economical way to buy this release, at just £7.99 for the whole album or 99p for individual tracks you particularly like.

If you feel like giving it a review, then please do, on the Amazon page. I’d be very grateful....