September 2018

Weedon’s Wanderings: 12th September 2018



We are pleased to announce a new arrival at 9:30am this morning: to Penny and Tony at Weedon Music a working broadband connection! We’ve waited since the 26th January 2017 for this joyous event. In the end, we went on bended knee to BT who have pulled out all the stops and got us up and running with immense efficiency. Now our broadband speed has rocketed from 0.3mbps to 6.1. OK, not exactly Superfast, but it makes all sorts of things possible which had only been pipe dreams since we moved here. 

Thank you for your patience while we’ve been struggling. Please bear with us a little longer while we put our new plans into effect. But it will definitely be worth watching this space.  In the meantime, perhaps you would like to join with us in a rendition of Handel’s mighty Hallelujah Chorus. If so, just click here.