Windows 10

Fear of the unknown

So what's happened to Penny's blog lately? Well, I've been suffering from Tenitis (as distinct from Tendonitis which is inflammation of the tendons). What exactly have I been inflamed by? Rumours of what Windows 10 would do to my PC, that's what. I run some pretty ancient and unusual software to master my CDs. I was told, on good authority (and when does authority ever claim to be bad?) that installing Windows 10 would render the programme, and probably a lot more, completely unusable. So here I've been sitting, completely paralysed by fear every time a big sign appeared on my PC saying "Windows 10 is ready to instal". Each time that popped up, I switched off the PC just to stop the invader gaining entry. For the past few weeks, that meant I could work for a maximum of 3 minutes at a time. Not exactly conducive to productivity. Finally, persuaded...

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