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Weedon's Wanderings: 24th April 2018

Box of tissues


We've just left the lovely crowd of music lovers who are enjoying a week of camaraderie and melody at Seacroft Festival, run by Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade magazine.  For me, it was a tearful farewell as our plans have altered quite suddenly in this past fortnight, and we won't be returning there in future. Why? Well, Tony and I clock up 143 years in age this year and, although we are both very fit and motivated in most respects we both have our weak spots.  Mine is that I can no longer lift anything and I can also be floored quite suddenly by allergies. And Tony's Achilles heel is that, after 38 years of well controlled diabetes, his sugars have recently gone crazy. A chap who could be 'glowing in the dark' one moment but out cold with a hypo the next shouldn't be driving hundreds...

Relax & Excel

"For any player experiencing stage or performance fright. An excellent relaxation method, aimed at removing those destructive elements of panic." (Keyboard Review)

Are you a nervous wreck when you play in public? So, once, was Penny Weedon. But in this programme she shares with you the exciting news she discovered herself: you CAN relax and excel! She explains:

* How and why playing nerves arise
* How you can control your nerves through effective practice, stagecraft and relaxation techniques
* How to approach a performance, lesson or exam with confidence, anticipation and enjoyment
* How to use adrenalin to actually enhance your playing.

Includes a relaxation exercise devised and regularly used by Penny, and approved by Norma Seager MAQCH. Not for use when driving or operating machinery

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Sound Factory

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