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Weedon’s Wanderings: 6th December 2019

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Well: I said I’d do it, and I’ve started - making products available on-line, that is. One of my best-selling books has been The Practice Handbook, which explains the difference between playing and practice. Playing a piece through, even repeatedly, can be fun but does little to eliminate errors from a performance or improve ones technique. Only perfect practice makes perfect performances. And it can be exciting, efficient and highly beneficial. 

Like many things, I learned how to practice effectively by teaching others to do so. I’ve experienced all the pitfalls, and worked out ways of overcoming them. By sharpening our reading, listening, theory and problem-solving skills, we can all make progress as musicians which we only dreamed of before. We can pinpoint our problems and work out little exercises to overcome them. In fact, we can be our own teachers, and achieve huge satisfaction from our...

Weedon's Wanderings: 24th April 2018

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We've just left the lovely crowd of music lovers who are enjoying a week of camaraderie and melody at Seacroft Festival, run by Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade magazine.  For me, it was a tearful farewell as our plans have altered quite suddenly in this past fortnight, and we won't be returning there in future. Why? Well, Tony and I clock up 143 years in age this year and, although we are both very fit and motivated in most respects we both have our weak spots.  Mine is that I can no longer lift anything and I can also be floored quite suddenly by allergies. And Tony's Achilles heel is that, after 38 years of well controlled diabetes, his sugars have recently gone crazy. A chap who could be 'glowing in the dark' one moment but out cold with a hypo the next shouldn't be driving hundreds...

Relax & Excel

"For any player experiencing stage or performance fright. An excellent relaxation method, aimed at removing those destructive elements of panic." (Keyboard Review)

Are you a nervous wreck when you play in public? So, once, was Penny Weedon. But in this programme she shares with you the exciting news she discovered herself: you CAN relax and excel! She explains:

* How and why playing nerves arise
* How you can control your nerves through effective practice, stagecraft and relaxation techniques
* How to approach a performance, lesson or exam with confidence, anticipation and enjoyment
* How to use adrenalin to actually enhance your playing.

Includes a relaxation exercise devised and regularly used by Penny, and approved by Norma Seager MAQCH. Not for use when driving or operating machinery

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