Weedon Weekly: 14th August 2017

Hand formed into fist


Having just marvelled at the Prom performance of Rachmaninov's 3rd Piano Concerto by Alexander Gavrylyuk, the topic of 'hands' is on my mind. His digits were an absolute blur, so I logged on to find out how fast fingers can move.  I've not found an answer to that particular question, but I have stumbled upon several other amazing facts:

The Fibonacci sequence (see my post of 28th June 2017) dictates the length of our metacarpal bones. Their proportions are 2 3 5 8, which allows the formation of a fist in a spiral. I just checked and yes, the side view of my fist is like a snail shell, another wonder of creation which uses Fibonacci's sequence.

There are no muscles in our fingers. Astounding, isn't it? The muscles which control our digits are in the palms and lower arm, just connected to our fingers...

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