Michael Wooldridge

Weedon Weakly: 18th November 2017

ESN Wurlitzer

Weedon Weakly?

Why the spelling? Well, dear readers, I had the flu jab and I can report it works: I got the flu. Though I must say it has just been the hot and cold and achey bit. Not one cough or sneeze to interrupt my few days of slumber! I'm now reclining on the sofa, dog on lap, in that rather pleasant no-mans-land where dear Tone is still being doctor and I'm still being lazy patient. I thought I'd fire off several Weedon Weeklys featuring your emails, to get us back on track. This one is made up of your responses to my piece of 21st September 2017 about the American concert venue on a boat, when I asked for your suggestions of pleasant or unusual venues.  

First to reply was Alan Hoar who suggested The Turkey Cock pub in Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.  Alan says "I visited this place 60 years ago and, on...

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