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Weedon’s Wanderings: 6th November 2018

Sheet music


We’re delighted to say that we are now using Score Exchange as our on-line distributor of sheet music. So far, we have uploaded pieces which featured in the book Grade Fun - my compositions commissioned by London College of Music - and a selection of pieces composed for The Yamaha Club magazine. You can see them here. At the top of each preview score you will see an Audio button.  If you click on this you can listen to the mp3 of the piece. 

This is just the tip of a large iceberg. I have a huge catalogue of arrangements of favourite classics and folk tunes, as well as more original works, which I shall gradually add. 

In time, the catalogue will feature music for

  • pipe organ
  • piano
  • recorder
  • solo voice
  • choir
  • guitar
  • accordian

I hope you enjoy this new resource....

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