House Concerts

Some views on ... house concerts

Filling in the questionnaire

I promised to report back on the reactions to our trial house concert. Of those attending who filled in my anonymous questionnaire, the answers were as follows:

1. Is this your first house concert? 
100% said Yes

2. Did you enjoy it?
100% said Yes (they didn’t dare say No!)

3. Would you consider hosting one?
 64% said Yes
 36% said No

I had clearly not explained well enough that the host doesn’t also have to be the player, as the ‘No’s added remarks that they couldn’t host a concert because they weren’t performers themselves.

4. Are you interested in going to other house concerts?
100% said Yes

5. What are your favourite styles of music?  In descending order:
75% liked classical music
58% liked pop music
41% liked any music
8% liked jazz and blues
0% mentioned folk –...

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