Fear of the unknown

So what's happened to Penny's blog lately? Well, I've been suffering from Tenitis (as distinct from Tendonitis which is inflammation of the tendons). What exactly have I been inflamed by? Rumours of what Windows 10 would do to my PC, that's what. I run some pretty ancient and unusual software to master my CDs. I was told, on good authority (and when does authority ever claim to be bad?) that installing Windows 10 would render the programme, and probably a lot more, completely unusable. So here I've been sitting, completely paralysed by fear every time a big sign appeared on my PC saying "Windows 10 is ready to instal". Each time that popped up, I switched off the PC just to stop the invader gaining entry. For the past few weeks, that meant I could work for a maximum of 3 minutes at a time. Not exactly conducive to productivity. Finally, persuaded...

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