In dir ist Freude

Weedon Weekly: 1st January 2018

A set of carillon bells

As I write this, the whole world is seeing in the New Year like a Mexican wave - well, except here at Weedon Music, where we're snug by the fire listening to the rain pattering against the windows. We hope you're equally cosy. Only one tune springs into my mind at this season - In dir ist Freude, arranged as an organ chorale by the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach. Say that in a Welsh accent and it sounds pure Dylan Thomas. Let's listen to it being played in the skilful hands (and feet) of 40-year old Swedish Organist Ulf Norberg - and he must be good as he played at the Swedish Royal wedding!

Bach wrote this chorale specifically for new year. Did you notice the repeating pedal tune (D G BCDCD G)? It imitates the repetitious peal of celebratory bells perfectly! It's...

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