Weedon’s Wanderings: 3rd December 2018

Winter in the Forest


On the strike of midnight on the 30th November the Christmas music starts on the radio, and Classic FM in particular will now be thrumming with carols until the 7th January 2019. It starts in the shops a deal earlier, of course. It’s like spotting the first cuckoo of spring, isn’t it, only easier. A friend saw her first Christmas display in a supermarket this September. I can well believe it: I played at a music festival in Devon one particularly sweltering September and was greeted on arrival by a sweating Santa. The whole place was thick with tinsel, balloons and baubles, the menu was - Yule have guessed - and the three days I stayed were dubbed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

I suppose this is all very jolly for complete Christmas fanatics, even if it bears little resemblance to the event it was originally meant to commemorate. But if you prefer to hear seasonal...

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