About Penny's Concerts

Portrait of Penny Weedon with her musicPenny's hands on the keyboardWhat can you expect at one of Penny Weedon's concerts? A wide variety of repertoire, ranging from Albinoni to Abba, Bach to Beatles, and Sibelius to Sinatra, all united by being melodious and played with polish and feeling. Penny performs either on her own touring instrument, or on the pipe organ she finds at a venue. Penny's touring instrument, the Yamaha Stagea ELC-02 - which she calls her 'Travelling Light Orchestra' - is a state of the art synthesiser/organ hybrid which produces every sound you can imagine - and quite a few you can't! Penny links her pieces by pithy and light-hearted spoken introductions, and you can watch a close-up of her energetic performance projected onto a big screen.


Please note: event listings are as accurate as possible from the details available. However, you are advised to call the contact number for any event you are interested in to check the details before setting out.